Are You Ready To Get Binged?

I usually go to to search for articles online until recently. Actually, I am still a fan, except that it’s got it’s new name and look. I was surprised when I typed in “” on the address bar, it got me redirected to a familiar page, but with more features. It’s called “bing”. So it’s called bing now. If you’ve been googling all the time, you might wanna try the alternative. Here's how it look's like:

The site is pretty much streamlined and minimalistic. I am a Yahoo! ever since because I can get instant news from the page and they’re updated regularly. The side bars also offers options for you to do something other than the search and the daily pictures are just magnificent. When you hover your mouse somewhere below the middle portion of the picture, it activates another button to give you an insight about the picture. I am quite interested with the facts as well so since I have frequented the site, even before when it's still Try it and see if it works for'ya.


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