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Maguindanao Massacre

This is a repost from another site. It’s sad that Philippines now beat Iraq, not on oil but being the worst country for journalists. It's atrocious, barbaric, gruesome, horrible, nightmarish, so evil to the highest degree; how could they do these to women, children, reporters and innocent civilians. There certainly is no law on the land to serve justice to these evil deeds, they should be stripped of their humanity!


Please display this black ribbon in your blogs, Tweeter account and Facebook accounts as we, in unison, mourn the victims of yet another atrocity in the hands of merciless politicians.

Some Names of Maguindanao Massacre victims:
Andy Teodoro, Southern Forum
Ian Subang, publisher, Socsargen Today
Jimmy Cabello, correspondent, Midland Review
Marife Montaño, Saksi
Benvinido “Jun-jun” Legarta, Frontera
Alejandro “Bong” Reblando, Manila Bulletin
Victor Nuñez, UNTV
Marites Cabletas, News Focus
Gina dela Cruz, Saksi
Rey Merisco
Joy Dujay
Arturo Betia
Ruel Becena
Juvy Legarta
Atty. Connie Bresuela
Atty. Cynthia Oquindo
Bai Farinah Mangudadatu
Vice Mayor Bai Eden Mangudadatu
Jenalyn Mangudadatu, wife of Vice-Mayor Ismael Mangudadatu
Abdila Ayadi
Wilhelm Palabrica
Jun Oquindo
Eduardo “Nonie” Lechonsito
Mercy Palabrica
Daryyl Palabrica
Narcia Palabrica
Zorayda Bernan
Pinky Mangayan
Rahina “Toto” Palawan
Farida Sabdula
Rowena Ante-Mangudadatu
Miriam Calimbol
Wahida Ali Kalim
Ela Balarman
Marities Cabletas
Raida Sapalon

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (who earlier declared a State of Emergency in Maguindanao), the media and press people, the religious and even the US government condemned the merciless killings.

As of press time, forty seven (57) cadavers have been recovered while 4 victims survived. The Maguindanao Massacre survivors are now in the custody of proper authorities and were reported to have been placed under the witness protection program by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Meanwhile, the Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) strongly urged its members to wear a black ribbon or arm band to protest the Maguindanao Massacre and to show sympathy to the victims’ families.

JUSTICE is what we need now, so help us, dear God. May their souls rest in peace.


Top Entrecarders for November

Better late than never.  Here they are, my Top Entrecarders for November:

Blog Description (chronological order): 

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There you go folks, Happy weekend!

Manny Pacquiao - Boxing Legend

Despite the storm, the corruption and all the problems facing Filipinos today one thing is for sure, they're united today to cheer the victory of their beloved Manny Pacquiao, who just won the seventh weight class title adding to the number of his collection of boxing title belts.  Just minutes after he defeated Cotto, fans chanted "We want Floyd, we want floyd" so I guess that's what we would be seeing next.  We can't be so sure if that would turn out to be the next on Pacman's list but he surely wanted to enjoy for now.

“I just want to take a vacation first,” Pacman said. “My job is to fight in the ring and it’s up to my promoter to negotiate for my next fight.”

Recently, Floyd Mayweather Jr's win over Juan Manuel Marquez in September was overwhelming.  It broke the record for a rare one-million pay-per-view.  If this recent bout between Manny and Cotto exceeds that (let's reserve our expectations for now 'til the results are out) of Floyd and Marquez, there is a big chance both will see each other on the ring the soonest.  After all, Floyd is running out of challengers. With Pacman's 50-3-2 record against Floyd's 40-0, this would be the dream match of the year. With the year almost over, this fight would be enough entertainment for this year.  If Floyd or Bob Arum want this fight, they could surely come to an agreement and let's hope for a dream fight in 2010.

Back to School!

It's school time again! Second semester here in the Philippines starts on the first week of November. I managed to enroll this time since my new work schedule allows me get the morning and early afternoon class schedules. I only have an hour and a half extra to prepare for school and to commute. My last subject ends at 6PM so I'd only have basically less than 5-hours of sleep. Hoping I would fare well with balancing my work and studies.

I know I'd be lagging with my blog but rest assured if you drop by and leave some drops, you'll definitely get in return. Got someone to reciprocate and thanks ahead for the visits!

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