August '09 Top Entrecard Droppers

I find it interesting each month end to find out who's gonna be the next top 10 droppers for the month. There are those who always made it to the top ten list but there are always newcomers. So for the month ending August 31, 2009, the following are my top droppers:

Lunatic Hello Kitty Gifts Mike's Blog Marketing Tips Ungkutan Rambling Thoughts

Atenean 101 Serian Man Serian Man Getting Busy Living Moon Goddess Lae

There are others who are also Top Droppers but did not make it to the Top Ten. You will find brief facts about the Top Droppers below:

Lunaticg banknote & coin
Blog about antique coins, auction selling, banknotes, coin, coin collection, numismatic, selling coins,rare coins and coin dealer in Malaysia.

Hello Kitty Gifts
Blog of News & Trips of my Hello Kitty and Limited Edition & Special Edition Hello Kitty Gifts for All Occasions and Everyone!

Mike's Blog Marketing Tips

Tips and information on marketing your blog

Ungkutan aims to bring Filipinos anywhere in the world into a single community where they can meet friends and do anything. They can buy and sell things, discuss any topic they want, find jobs, catch up on the latest news, etc.

Rambling Thoughts in SMK Serian

My rambling thoughts in a school I teach and learn.

Atenean101 @ Blogspot

A personal blog which includes articles and other write-ups that I have personally written and edited which accounts all my random thoughts about all things that interests and concerns me. Basically it's just about everything under the sun...

Serian Man

Some thoughts on teaching and the exploration of the land of the hornbills, my beloved Sarawak, on the island of Borneo.

The Cooling Stream
Rambling thoughts and reflections on life issues and faith.

Getting Busy Living

British man living with my American wife in the English countryside. We love to explore and have fun with our differences, although we are much more alike than we are different. Follow our travels and travails and expect the unexpected.

Moon Goddess Lae

Wits and thoughts under the MOON

Those who did not make it to the Top 10 but are also Top Droppers who deserves to be mentioned are the following:

Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog
Daily breaking news, commentary and analysis from Zimbabwe's leading on-the-scene analyst. Everything from Mugabe to Zimbabwe's economy

Traders' Hub
My blog gives trading advice, makes critical reviews of related sites, and teaches trading techniques.

My Reflections and Impressions

Religion, Christianity, Politics, Sports and just about anything....

Bible Examples

Practical lessons based on Bible examples.

Go Las Vegas Baby!
Interesting info and fun facts about Las Vegas plus a daily list of free stuff to see, do and get.

Doi Speaks

This site serves to showcase the places I’ve been to, all the food trips I’ve had with some rantings in between.

Is A Mans World
Blogging about Techonology,Gadgets including Big Boys Toys and more..

A place to talk! Your word matters. TOPIC includes the blogging, environment, gadgets, games, moneymaking online, manga, politics, sports, or just anything... share your thoughts and speak up your mind!

Mutual Love

Sharing tender loving care and make this world a better place to stay.


This site is about life, family and getting fit, both physically and financially. Discussing any and all aspects of attaining a great life.

Quantum Indonesia Translogistic
about freight forwarding, transportation, export, import, cpo, coffee, sea transportation, air transportation, financial news

Sharing Fun & Knowledge

blog with different topics: humor, free ebooks, software, video, wallpapers, online-tv, mobiles...

Wonderful Things in Life
This blog is all about everything like encouragements, family, arts, my awards, health tips, entertainment, travel, blogging, business and etc.

Shalampax Speaks

Since it's very beginnings, the tiny, inane Republic of Shalampax has been without a voice. Finally, Shalampax speaks! (Dafernyx help us!)

In The Eyes Of The Beholder
This blog will talk about my everyday existence, fun adventures, my passion for music, complains and a whole lot more!

Work At Home

While away from work for couple of weeks, I wondered it would also be productive to look for online jobs.

I was searching for work-at-home jobs online and there really are tons of it, or sites available. It's hard to figure out which one is real. Some are only sites made to generate clicks I guess, like the CPC thing of google. As I've posted last week, oDesk is good but I am finding it hard to get landed on one specially that I am new to it so I don't have any feedback to entice possible employers.

I am into article writing or any data entry related jobs so when I search for online jobs related to this field, I found out other sites have membership fee to join their sites but I don't feel comfortable paying upfront before I even had the chance to try it. Do you know any real work at home site(s) or a member of one maybe? Kindly leave me a message on the comment section if you do. Thank you so much and God Bless!

Getting Started With oDesk

I remember signing up for oDesk last year but did not push through because my schedules then are too hectic. I also have plenty of school assignments. Since I am out of work for 2 weeks including my rest days, I thought I would check on it or at least become productive.

So I scanned my previous emails and found my profile. I found out that I registered since August 2008. I tried my usual online password and it worked. Good! So I thought I would look for job opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities and the competition is too stiff. For one single job order, there are around 150 - 300+ candidates. Wow! imagine that. I thought you really have to be in front of your computer checking for updates or newly posted jobs so you can find your name on the first page. Anywhere in the world you may be, you can sign up for these. Now I guess 300+ is only a dot. Once you have applied, make it a habit to check your application once in a while to see if there are invites for interview.

Anyway to get started, of course you have to sign up from the oDesk site. You also have to have a paypal account. Once your done, it is advised that you take the oDesk readiness test so you can increase the number of jobs you can apply. If you don't you initially have 2 instances, per week. If you passed the oDesk readiness test, you can maximize up to 10 job posts, per week. By the way, if you have 10 job application quota and say you applied for 5 today, you can still use the remaining 5 until the next Thursday and the previous 5 will be refreshed again after the first week from the date you applied. Once you have applied, you just have to check the job you applied under the My Jobs > Candidacies menu. I already passed the oDesk readiness test so I have 10 quotas. I applied 5 of them the other day and 1 yesterday so I still have 4 remaining.

So far, there are no invites so I guess I'll just have to check on it regularly. Have a great weekend everyone. Don't forget going to the church tomorrow and GOD BLESS!

When Rules Rule Out Personal Judgment

I'm suspended...arrggghh!

I got my memo for 10-days suspension, yes 10 days. Wow, I can surely take my time to rest. Really, sounds like I can have fun? Gotta chill out, yea, and guess what, the next time would be termination. Yeah, no kidding.

I’ve already spent almost four years here and we have this early retirement benefit that once you reach the 5th year of tenure, you will be qualified for an early retirement bonus which is equivalent to (50% of your current pay) x (the number of years). It adds another 10% after another year until you reach the 10th year wherein you would be eligible for a 100% of your salary multiplied by the number of years of service. Sound like great offer to me but I felt like my chances are running out. It's all because of attendance issues.

It's a long story. Got problems before and I asked for leeway, for time and understanding (drama) just so I could keep up. I got no clear response. I need to move out and find a new place where I am comfortable, and possibly nearer. I finally found one. It's not comfortable but maybe 200-250 steps away from my work building. So I told myself, this would work out for now, I have to sacrifice. It was one on my list for personal kaizen, to be early for work. So, one down, few more on the list. I was successful there, but what happened.

Time passed and I never thought my rope would end up like few threads to hang on to. I eventually got memo for those previous lates. It was so ironic. It's when I had my chance already to show them I could keep up, I received a memo. It's too late. Guess what, on the last memo there was written something like (not exactly the same sentence but sounds the same) "failure to improve or correct your behavior or repetition maybe would result to next higher penalty or up to termination". I am thinking, I thought I've shown progress but it's just ridiculous that it was never based there. It was based on those old succeeding days that I wasn't showing up early. There wasn't really a chance for me. This has caused me anxiety, building up stress and some sleepless nights.

This job really costs me so much but as much as I want to retire from the company, I don’t have the nerve to push myself because I’ve already invested almost four years here. I have already invested my years in the company and tried to be good but it seems like they don’t care. I did not even receive any raise. No bonuses either, except for the mandated 13th month. I felt betrayed to the fact that in the beginning, during the first orientation we had, we were told that we can stay in the same position that we have currently or go for the next level. Either way our salary would be increased yearly anyway.

Anyway, I’m just posting my angst, forgive me. I noticed my post is getting longer so I had to stop, you can guess how frustrated I am now perhaps. This is basically one thing why blogging works for me. You can express yourself and put out your flame without picking on anyone.

Thanks for your time reading and make sure to be early for work. Enjoy your weekend and God Bless!

Entrecard Drop List

I received an entrecard mail from Traders Hub stating that I qualified to be enlisted on his entrecard droplist. He said that he's been a consistent dropper, making sure to reciprocate all drops he received and there was this one site he's been consistently dropping for a month and later found out that the site owner did not even bother reciprocating even once so he decided to come up with the list. Actualy, I've also started my own list but I couldn't come up with 300 instead, I could barely get 150. So I thought I would consider his droplist.

To qualify, he said you have to be one of those entrecard droppers who would acknowledge at least the top droppers on your site, in my case it's Top 10, every month end. I haven't checked on these people but I hope they really do, so below are the list.


1. Wiredpnoy
2. Elaine's World
3. Traders' Hub
4. Business & Life Success
5. Everyday Living
6. Diet Secrets Online
7. atenean101 @ Blogspot
8. 60 Were Enough
9. Life's sweets and spices
10. A Simple Life
11. Mom's Little Corner
12. moms..... check nyo
13. The Modern Mom
14. My Reflections and Impressions
15. Dosh For U - Extra Money Tips
16. Serian Man
17 Bulgarian Scrapbook
18. The Matthias Chronicles
19. Mariamichelle's Furkids and Animal Rescue
20. My Meme Mania
21. Random Ramblings
22. Your Fun Family
23. The Ad Master
24. Picture to People
25. Family Health Avenue
26. Hello Kitty Gifts
27. The Cooling Stream
28. AddYours®
29. DedeAndro
30. Quantum Indonesia Translogistic
31. Learning Corner
32. Chizmosa Lounge
33. nuke it dot org ? computer security
34. Lunaticg Banknote & Coin
35.Melissas Homeschool
36. Rambling Thoughts in SMK Serian
38. Indian Economy
39. DB Comix
40. Juliana's Lair
41. Prove Me Wrong
42. The Erickson Looney Bin
44. MamaFlo's Place
45. Melissas Jewelry and Gem Blog
46. Stock Recomendations
47. Mutual Love
48. Legal Cat-asthrope
50. A Grateful Heart
51. Renaescraftycorner
52. Superficial Gallery
53. Balance Your Budget Today
54. Small Town Mommy
55.Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog
56. Things About Computer
57. Go Las Vegas Baby!
58. Shalampax Speaks
60. Whatever Comes To My Mind
61. AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles
62. Proud Mommy
63. Is a mans world
64. Master And Student
65. The Fledgling Blogger
66. My Library
67. After cancer, now what
68. Busy Little Elf
69. Melissas Garage Sale
70.Akila's Blog
71. Slightly
72. Over a Cup of BARAKO
73. Traveling Suitcase
74. Coming Back to Life
75. The Vegan Lifestyle
76. BetterSpines
77. Computer Aid
79. Are You Hungry?
79. LOL Cats
80. Juliana's World
81. Sound Sans Sense
82. Jill's Creative Cafe Page
83. Wine at Five?
84. WAHM: Work at Home Jobs & Resources
85. Beyond Left Field
86. Singapore Draws
87. Fort Thompson
88. D Anjhel Scraps Of Life
89. Nature Blessing
90. Remixmax
91. Leomar's Den
92. Stalking Minds
93. Losing Weight Intentionally
94. Topclanz
95. Outlandish Observations
96. A Maiden's Testimony
97. Mix It Up With Marc
98. Beyond Feron
99. Learning How To Make Money Online
100. EzGreatLife
101. Free Stuff in Las Vegas Baby
102. Seek No More
103. Not John Chow
104. Mobile eBook Etc
105. Healthy Life Guide Blog
106. One World Realty
107. Stuff and Nonsense
108. Because Someone Cares
109. Gadget Freaks
110. PolitEkon
111. Anything Goes W/ Pahn
112. Business Sphere
113. Your Daily Word
114. Limitless Adventure
115. Margie and Edna's Basement
117. Confessions of a Fitness Diva
118. Septagon Studios Indie Comic Blog
119. Glitchline
120. Photojournalist !
121. More Fun Than Allowed...with Kids
123. Perfect Shave Dispatch
124. Rebellious Arab Girl
125. Take It To The Limit
126. I Love-Hate America
127. East Coast Life
128. Cornymans Money-Blog, everything about financial independence
130. First Door on the Left
131. Blazing Minds
132. Tips for Everyday Life
133. Super Mommy To The Rescue
134. Cornymans Blogreviews
135. Everything You Need to Read
136. Republic of A
137. Bulls versus Bears
139. IndoContest
139. Life Marriage and Kids
140. Mumblings
141. Living well
142. SEO and Internet marketing blog
143.Nesting Buddy
144. Product Reviews Von Mir
145. My Pregnancy
147. Chaos Tech
148. Life, In My Own Backyard
149. Conversations with Moms
150. Sta. Lucia Realtors
151. Ask Ms Recipe
152. Look around
153. The Journey
154. The world according to Sjeltur
155. Teacher Techie Says
156. Femmepower
157. Holy Cuteness
158.Singapore Playground
159. My Road
160. BloggerRap
161. Research
162. Sacred Beginnings
163. My Careless Whispers
164. The Bad Blogger
165. BlogDeManila
166. Network of Combined Ideas
167. Work At Home
168. ThinksFree.Info
169. Black holes and Astrostuff
170. Life Matters
171. Earth to Holly
172. Everything Has A Reason
173. Travel on the Tide ~
174. Learn Affiliate Marketing
175. a site for women
176. Body and Skin Health
177. Home of the Tribe
178. The One Minute Guide
179. Girls Are Made of Sugar & Spice And Everything Nice
180. Fusion Investing & Analysis
181. Articles Business Solution's
182. Photodito
183. Martial Arts Junkie
184. 2010 Philippine Election
185. In This Life Of Ours
186. Gadget Spot
187. Moon Goddess Lae
188. All about Babies and Kids
189. J. Leigh Designz
190. Lagawan
191. Slightly Sarcastic
192. Videos 4 U
193. Life in Canada
194. KayaMoPinoy
195. Mature Not Senile
196. Kapamilya Corner
197. The Dance of Life
198. I Like It Frantic
199. Fresh 'N' Marine Aquarium Blog
200. Advice on Assisted Living
201. Finance for non-Finance Professionals
202. My Sense and Sensibility, including my 'Non-Senses'
203. Article Marketing Methods
204. Havenlei
205. GuruWebideas
206. Caledonian Comment
207. Blogsall
208. Tekkaus
209. Jeanneth's Online Journal
210. Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed
211. Trading Resource
212. Life 'round me & you
213. Intelligence Is A Curse
214. Wacky Knit Kin
215. Singapore Autism Help and Advice
216. banicmanic
217. Monkey Arcade
218. The Pond
219. Art By Paul Baines
220. T-Shirts
221. Thoughts Poetry Anything
223. The Virtual Dime Museum
224. Woodworker blog
225. Mixed photography
226. Bugs and Snails
227. Freelancer Magazine
228. TechnoGadge
229. At Home with Auntie E
230. Green Nation Today
231. How to make money online from home
232. Recuerdo Mi Amor
233. Blog Godown
234. FB 2.0 Trade Emini / SP500
235. Parent Times
236. Gewgaw Writings
237. Free Poker Money Online
238. Moms Lifestyle
239. LovelyPurses
240.Losing It - Getting Fit
241. Poetic Shutterbug
242. Pinoy Rich Jerk
243. The Writing Nag
244. Computer + Adventure
245. Adventure of Forgetful Princess
246. Technochase
247. Philippines Travel Blog
248. The Zoo Crew
249. Just a Little Zizzy
250. Loose It Back
251. Dedicated Christian
252. Doug's Missoula Blog | Healthy Living
253. ProtechMedia
254. We live to tell God's Amazing Grace
255. Glitter Stop
256. World Travelling
257. Richard.M
258. technochest
259. Coffee,Computers & Internet Marketing Bunney
260. Mauvais Langue - Fashion, Entertainment & Celebrity News
261. Bewitchin' Kitchen
262. Super Jenn
263. A Savage Hypocrisy
264. Sonnie Side Up
265. Blackouts!
266. Humor and Business
267. Widgets for Blogger

His additional notes:
(If you are in this list, copy the code at Traders Hub and embed this droplist in your blog! It will build up your links, improve your page rank and bounce rate, and increase your blog authority!).

I got this from BigDaddy Richard's Traders Hub site. You may want to put it on the side so it would be ready anytime. So if you want the list, visit his site now!

Getting A Domain

I am planning to get a new home for my site. I thought of joining the ranks of the multitude of bloggers out there and become successful. But first, I have to get a new home. I would like to ask suggestions from you guys, if you're reading this post :). I am soliciting advice as to the how-to's of setting up a new one. I have been searching for the top hosting sites online and best offers and so far, I am inclined to join bluehost or justhost but it seems there's a new list of Top 10 Webhosts just now. I got a different list earlier today when I searched for the top 10, that was dated July 2009. I think I'll have to review again.

Any suggestions/recommendations? Please let me know, and thanks!

Slow Connection

I've been struggling with my internet since the past week so I can hardly post. While on the process of publishing it, it would stop and returns an error. It's terribly slow. ISP said there's trouble with their connection lines. I guess it was struck or downed by the typhoon.

I tried my connection today and it seems it's back to normal. I was able to go to the webpages I frequented. I usually get online news from Inquirer and this site barely loads the page last week but it seems to load faster now. I guess business is now back to normal :)

July Top Droppers

The following are my top droppers for July:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Am doing extra mile for my top droppers this July. It took me quite some time to do this but it's worth it. These people took extra effort to visit my site and drop some EC's so this is my way of thanking them.

Do you like it? You can have one every month. Just continue the drops to be on top ten and let's fill this site with your links ^_^.

Have a Nice Day!

My Bad!

I blogged last July 30 that I will still be posting late those Top Droppers for the month of June. I tried looking for the file in my partition drive but I cannot find them anymore! So I thought I would just do it manually since I promised I would post it. I tried going back farther but entrecard would only show me as far back on July 15. I wasn't able to update my blog for almost a month because I moved and had to set everything back. I also switched connection to broadband from prepaid and had to reinstall the OS so I am not sure if the file was part of those files that's been purged.

Do you guys know how to backtrack in entrecard top droppers? If you do, please let me know.

To my June droppers, my apologies.

I tried, my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enuf, just wanna make u smyl ^_^

Nation Mourns Democracy Icon

It's a sad day for Filipinos. Today, Filipinos all over the world mourns the death of their beloved former President Corazon C. Aquino. She's been ill since last year but early this month, she was reported to be in a very serious condition and was confined to Makati Medical Center. She was diagnosed having colon cancer and was initially informed by her doctors that she had only three months to live. She undergone chemotherapy and her body positively responded to the treatment buying her more time.

While carrying the burden of her health condition, she actively participated in Philippines' political issues, to speak out for the nation, to oppose the amendment of the constitution which was drafted during her time of presidency. She was vocal against the current state of the nation and urged Filipinos to pray during these tying times.

She will long be remembered for her contributions to the nation especially during the People Power revolt in 1986 liberating the Philippines from a dictatorial government. President Aquino was named by Time Magazine as the 1986 Woman of the Year. She was the first female president of the Philippines and Asia's first. She's one the icons of democracy in the world one of the world's influential leaders.

We will surely miss your presence and inspiration Madame President and we're honored to have lived our life enjoying your most precious gift of hardwork, the reinstatement of our stolen democracy.

Rest in heavenly peace, Madame President.

*Photo taken from


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