SUN Cellular Prepaid Broadband System and Service - Unreliable?

SUN Cellular probably got millions of loyal subscribers in the Philippines – me thinks one of them, but not anymore. I got issues with their prepaid broadband wireless system.

Is this issue an upshot of the purported sellout of SUN Cellular to PLDT?  I hope not.

So what happened?

Back in April 2, 2011, I loaded my SUN Prepaid SIM the amount of 50pesos. I intended to use the load in April 8. I sometimes load ahead of time since I am no longer using the internet big time, and when I do, I am a heavy user. So I plan things ahead.  I prefer using the net when it’s weekend so I can get the most from it. In the evening of April 8, when I am about to use the preloaded amount, I was surprised that it was down to 30pesos. So I called the hotline for SUN Customer Service and talked to the agent regarding my issue. The agent named Pau transferred me to the Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW) team and I was able to talk to a representative there.  The rep named Michael said it would take upto 24hrs. for the reversal of the amount. Since I won’t be able to expect an immediate response, I decided to load additional 21pesos. I always avail of their 24hrs. unlimited internet promo for 50pesos.

Back from a very long break!

Wow, my site is still kicking! It’s cool to see that some people are actually visiting my site until now.  I am almost done with my research and I had been really into a lot of situations so I had no time updating this site.

I’d like to thank all those who visited my site, really, I mean it – thanks guys.

My page rank is now down to 1 but its okay. With some new updates later, I hope it will go up again. I have to update myself. I have no idea as to the theme of this site so until then, I will be posting mixed pages.

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