Summer Escapade

For more than 2 years, I haven't got a chance to an adventure.  With one and a half month away from school opening and free from any work obligations, I can finally rest for a while and enjoy nature tripping!

I recently got a new digital camera from GE, the G3WP model with 12.2MP, to capture mementos.  There's much to brag about it according to the salesman and it's their bestseller, so...anyway, i like it's minimal and simple yet stylish design and appearance but the feature that really got me into it is that it's water-proof.  I've imagined myself taking photos of the unusual sea creatures in the oriental sea plus the rock formations in the pacific so the ocean mist from the waves carried by the wind could easily rust an ordinary camera, hopefully not this one - at least it comes with a warranty so it's high time to try what it's worth.

Earth Hour 2010

Be a part of this once a year effort to save our resources, our planet. So what did you do???

Vacation Finally - Free Time?

Thanks GOD classes are over.  But wait... i still can't get enough of sleep.  I have a lot assignments and tasks to do... just what the heck???

Guess what!  I am even a certified addict now. Did I just say I am an addict?  Guess I really am, who made me an addict??? Addicted to what?

Darn.  I am not a fan of facebook but the games are tempting me, plus my gf keeps adding other games and this is the first time ever we had an argument which I hated much (who loves to argue anyway..whatever).  She asked me to visit her farmville which I forgot since I was glued to mafia wars i think, so her plants decayed and that started the war.  Can't really make sense out of it, my mistake I admit and I was sorry, heck did not talk to me for a day and didn't even ate for a day, wutda!  Can't really figure out girls thoughts.

Lesson guys:  If told to water the plant, make sure it's done else... block facebook! ^_^

Cheap Entrecard Credits 4-Sale

Cheap Credits 4-Sale
Being a member of Entrecard entitles you for free traffic from fellow entrecard members and when they drop entrecard, you gain credit as well.

This credit in turn when accumulated can be exchanged for advertising on other member blogs depending on how many credits are required to advertise on their blog.  To gain credits is simple. You simply visit any entrecard member site and when you see their entrecard widget, you simply click on "Drop" and in seconds, it'll turn to "Thanks".   That means your drop was successful.  If you're already a member and would like to just buy any entrecard credits, you may do so.  You may subscribe to the site and buy credits there.  If you are looking for cheap credits, you may also purchase from the Entrecard Marketplace or you can also click here to purchase credits for only $1.50 per thousand credits.

New Entrecard Marketplace

Entrecarders have long been wanting to be able to sell their credits online since Entrecard stopped their cashouts.

Since then, many entrecarders left the site feeling betrayed, since there was a program before wherein they could exchange their EC's for $1 per 1K (per thousand).

It is no doubt people (myself included) also grab this opportunity to make money online.  After Entrecard was sold and the new management stopped the program, it has significantly affected the entrecard community.  Though others left for some other varying reasons, one of which is the stopping of the cashout program.

Good News!

Pit Senor!

2010: Year of the Tiger

Let's welcome the Year of the Tiger

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