Some Entrecard Updates

I just received a message from Entrecard that they are offering credits for cash with additional EC bonus and this lasts just until midnight of August 1, CST. Hmmn.. this must be hot, real hot or is it??? The following are their offers (taken from their email) :

10000 Entrecard Credits - USD$56.00 (get another 5,000 credits bonus!)

25000 Entrecard Credits - USD$125.00 (get another 12,000 credits bonus!)

Available now only until August 1st! Get your Entrecard credits today!

You can also order HERE.

- So their new marketing department is getting pro-active now in selling credits. They must have something brewing up, or maybe to finance their remaining CashOuts? Not bad. I liked the idea of cashing in some extra credits but I guess Graham’s paid ads idea didn’t work out to some entrecarders like me but I don’t think the idea is bad at all, I think he just don’t have the right scheme for it. I’ve withdrawn my request for cashout though because I am having issues with my PayPal account.

Good News

According to the email sent by Ms. Cindy Ung, the Director of Business Development, we can now exchange credits among users amounting to 25K. This is a good development for entrecarders who are holding promotions or contests for a speedy facilitation of credit transfers. It is not stated though if this is valid for a day or a week so I guess we just have to try and see.

I missed the opportunity to blog for almost 2 months now and time have pretty much changed things fast, including the management of Entrecard. I noticed it’s now managed by Ziprunner. I tried searching for this company but I was unlucky. I tried from the search results and it just made me browse sites but am not getting any leads. I got tired searching from the results. Whoever they are, all the best for their company and for Entrecard.


I’d like to thank those who visited my site and those who managed to drop some EC’s even if I am away for almost 2 months. I moved recently and just had my connection back just more than a week I guess and I was busy J or lazy to update the site but I managed to return drops since then. I always have a list of my top droppers so for last month, sorry if I haven’t posted your links as promised but even if it’s too late I would still post it. You keep my site alive so I would be glad to return the favor. I am hoping I could post it

See you around and enjoy bloghopping!


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