Summer Escapade

For more than 2 years, I haven't got a chance to an adventure.  With one and a half month away from school opening and free from any work obligations, I can finally rest for a while and enjoy nature tripping!

I recently got a new digital camera from GE, the G3WP model with 12.2MP, to capture mementos.  There's much to brag about it according to the salesman and it's their bestseller, so...anyway, i like it's minimal and simple yet stylish design and appearance but the feature that really got me into it is that it's water-proof.  I've imagined myself taking photos of the unusual sea creatures in the oriental sea plus the rock formations in the pacific so the ocean mist from the waves carried by the wind could easily rust an ordinary camera, hopefully not this one - at least it comes with a warranty so it's high time to try what it's worth.

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