SUN Cellular Prepaid Broadband System and Service - Unreliable?

SUN Cellular probably got millions of loyal subscribers in the Philippines – me thinks one of them, but not anymore. I got issues with their prepaid broadband wireless system.

Is this issue an upshot of the purported sellout of SUN Cellular to PLDT?  I hope not.

So what happened?

Back in April 2, 2011, I loaded my SUN Prepaid SIM the amount of 50pesos. I intended to use the load in April 8. I sometimes load ahead of time since I am no longer using the internet big time, and when I do, I am a heavy user. So I plan things ahead.  I prefer using the net when it’s weekend so I can get the most from it. In the evening of April 8, when I am about to use the preloaded amount, I was surprised that it was down to 30pesos. So I called the hotline for SUN Customer Service and talked to the agent regarding my issue. The agent named Pau transferred me to the Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW) team and I was able to talk to a representative there.  The rep named Michael said it would take upto 24hrs. for the reversal of the amount. Since I won’t be able to expect an immediate response, I decided to load additional 21pesos. I always avail of their 24hrs. unlimited internet promo for 50pesos.

Back from a very long break!

Wow, my site is still kicking! It’s cool to see that some people are actually visiting my site until now.  I am almost done with my research and I had been really into a lot of situations so I had no time updating this site.

I’d like to thank all those who visited my site, really, I mean it – thanks guys.

My page rank is now down to 1 but its okay. With some new updates later, I hope it will go up again. I have to update myself. I have no idea as to the theme of this site so until then, I will be posting mixed pages.

Summer Escapade

For more than 2 years, I haven't got a chance to an adventure.  With one and a half month away from school opening and free from any work obligations, I can finally rest for a while and enjoy nature tripping!

I recently got a new digital camera from GE, the G3WP model with 12.2MP, to capture mementos.  There's much to brag about it according to the salesman and it's their bestseller, so...anyway, i like it's minimal and simple yet stylish design and appearance but the feature that really got me into it is that it's water-proof.  I've imagined myself taking photos of the unusual sea creatures in the oriental sea plus the rock formations in the pacific so the ocean mist from the waves carried by the wind could easily rust an ordinary camera, hopefully not this one - at least it comes with a warranty so it's high time to try what it's worth.

Earth Hour 2010

Be a part of this once a year effort to save our resources, our planet. So what did you do???

Vacation Finally - Free Time?

Thanks GOD classes are over.  But wait... i still can't get enough of sleep.  I have a lot assignments and tasks to do... just what the heck???

Guess what!  I am even a certified addict now. Did I just say I am an addict?  Guess I really am, who made me an addict??? Addicted to what?

Darn.  I am not a fan of facebook but the games are tempting me, plus my gf keeps adding other games and this is the first time ever we had an argument which I hated much (who loves to argue anyway..whatever).  She asked me to visit her farmville which I forgot since I was glued to mafia wars i think, so her plants decayed and that started the war.  Can't really make sense out of it, my mistake I admit and I was sorry, heck did not talk to me for a day and didn't even ate for a day, wutda!  Can't really figure out girls thoughts.

Lesson guys:  If told to water the plant, make sure it's done else... block facebook! ^_^

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New Entrecard Marketplace

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Good News!

Pit Senor!

2010: Year of the Tiger

Let's welcome the Year of the Tiger

My First Carbonara

For the second time, I am planning to cook something on Christmas eve.  I tried cooking my first spaghetti last year and it was successful.  I have this tendency of losing my appetite after I cook so I made sure to leave something for myself. And it's surely a leftover, my brother, thought maybe that I've had my fill almost consumed my share. So I thought it was good.

I did not really plan doing it again but I am inclined to cook, this time I thought of something quick and easy yet tasty. There's already the fettuccine waiting to be cooked so I thought of cooking carbonara.  So I searched online for some receipes and I am glad to have found a lot but I am not really interested in following everything, I just wanted to get an idea how it is cooked and what are the ingredients needed.  Here's what I have on my list (combined from other sources:

The gathered recipe:
500 gms. Fettuccine
200 gms. bacon
200 gms. ham
2 cloves garlic, minced2 tbsp. Parmesan cheese - grated
2 tbsp. chopped fresh parsely
2 Nestle All Purpose Cream
2 cans Cream of Mushroom
Olive Oil
salt and pepper

What I end up with:
200 gms. bacon - not available
2 tbsp. Parmesan cheese - grated (not available in small size)
2 tbsp. chopped fresh parsely - not available
2 cans Cream of Mushroom - don't feel like mixing it with these :)
**Most of the ingredients are not available because I decided to shop the next day, can't bear long lines.
400 gms. Fettuccine
200 gms. ham - diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 250ml Nestle All Purpose Cream
estimated 2 tbsp. Kinchay instead of Parsely
1 regular sized Magnolia Quickmelt instead of Parmesan
Settled with regular Cooking Oil :)
salt and pepper

Here's what I did (5 steps to cook my Carbonara):
Step 1.  Heated the pan and put a little oil to cook the diced ham.
Step 2.  Once cooked, removed ham and set it aside.  With the remaining oil, saute the garlic.
Step 3.  When the garlic is about to turn brown but make sure it's not brown, saute kinchay for 3 seconds.
Step 4.  Pour the all the All-Purpose Cream, add 3/4 ham and 3/4 Magnolia quickmelt & slowly stir in one direction.
Step 5.  Simmer until the mixture becomes a little thick then add the fettuccine pasta. Mix thoroughly and slowly.

It's now ready to serve!  Make sure to spread a little of pepper and a dash of salt to taste.  I served the first serving to my gf and guess what, she didn't like it..haha co'z it wasn't sprinkled with salt but after I did she asked me if she can bring home some of it.

Anyways, whether it's just to please me or not, I saved half of it for her to bring home.

*Updated with pics, never thought this is easy and cheaper than spaghetti - more delectable too.


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