Fact vs. Fiction: The Uninvited

Just got off from work. I talked to a friend who wanted to ask a favor from me. We had a chat for awhile then I left. It's my usual day; work, home, school then work again, home and school.

‘Twas New Year. I have nowhere to go but home, my boarding house. My classmate invited me to join their family in celebrating the holiday season, I have no intention of coming but I dunno, I was like waiting for a call. Maybe because it's the way I am. When I say something, I make sure to do it otherwise I would talk to the person and cancel any appointment if I won't be available. I don't want to keep them hanging for some reasons. I guess I expected the same. So, anyways, that's another story.

I was home already and I am not expecting anything or to go somewhere else except the favor asked of me. I've taken my lunch and ready to bed. I was fast asleep and I guess it's already an hour or two when the phone rings. It's my friend on the other line, reminding me of our agreement. He said he called earlier but somebody answered the phone. He said he overheard a child crying and an elder woman, he was thinking ‘twas my mother, answered the phone telling him I was still asleep, adding that I have fever and back aches. So he decided to call back later.

He did call me back and that was the time I answered the phone. He asked me straight if that was true, that I am not feeling well. I told him, I never answered a phone call earlier, I heard the phone ringing just now which wakes me up eventually. He begged to disagree. He said he heard it clearly and that he’s not kidding or lying to me. He told me the same thing over and over again.

Hearing him, the way he’s trying to convince me to believe, made me wonder. I am starting to feel strange now. I would know it when he’s lying or joking but he really is extremely serious. I can sense him telling the truth. It’s me now trying to convince him. I’m not living with my mother or got any children in my room. The landlord got nephews and nieces but they’re grown up and I seldom hear them really cry. They are also located downstairs, am on the second level of the house. I decided to cut the topic and instead discussed our agreement.

It’s already past six o’clock that he texted me, reminding me of our agreement. He’ll be off by 7PM. He actually asked me to lend him money for a while since their payout is delayed and he doesn’t have money left to fill the table. He is expecting visitors to come over. I told him I don’t have cash to lend him because it’s already intended for my own expenses as well. I told him I’ll pay for the groceries by credit card so he’ll get a leeway and pay me instead when it’s billed.

He invited me to come over. We were close friends; we share the same room before until I decided to move out when my work location was transferred. It’s been awhile since our last jaunt. So I said I’d be there but I won’t be long, time changes and so with our priorities.

I went home feeling sleepy. I don’t have enough sleep at that time.


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