The Day Pacquiao Become A Legend

People are glued to their television. People at work wishing they could go home early to watch the game between the ultimate “Pacman” Manny Pacquiao against the “Hitman” Ricky Hatton. That the day would be over the soonest so they could watch the replay.

The game started around 11:30am Philippine Time. It is dubbed as the “Battle of the East and the West”. In the first round, Pacquiao landed left and right hand jabs at Hatton knocking him twice but he was able to recover a bit. In the second round, he got knocked out eventually lying flat on his back. He must’ve been surprised with the right hand jabs of Pacquiao leaving himself in the open so Pacquiao chanced on him with a powerful jab on his right face. The referee finally ended the fight cementing Pacquiao legacy as the greatest fighter ever. His fame is now compared to that of Mohamad Ali.

For a moment, it’s like the time stopped. People around the world tuned in to watch the fight that carves the name of Manny Pacquiao into the world of boxing history that would possibly last for decades. Even after the game, people stay tuned to their T.V.’s to watch the replay of the game. This may post another record breaking viewer rating for the stations covering the game. When I was on my way home around past 12pm, the usual traffic intersections seemed like a good venue for street basketball. Only few cars and jeepneys traversing and it sure is a good thing for me and other commuters to return home early, thanks to Manny!

Once again, Manny made us Filipinos proud! Thanks to you Manny and God Bless to you and your family!


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