Being Health Conscious

For three weeks I was keeping myself on track. Graveyard shift, insomnia, acute gastroenteritis and today, battling dry cough with phlegm.

The other day, I was absent due to acute gastroenteritis. The nurse gave me Buscopan and 2 Imodium, since I was having LBM (excuses!)in the afternoon, and this is to be taken simultaneously after taking a meal. So I took it and there I was, I felt relieved of my LBM but my stomach seemed bloated. It pains every once in a while and I can hear sort of commotion in my stomach. I couldn't help it, I gotta work and have to endure this feeling.

Our office is too cold and I happen to be stationed to the direction of the air flowing out of the air conditioner. Guess when you're trying your best to be careful that's also the time when your patience would be tested. So anyway I gotta bear with it else I won't have a workstation. When my shift is about to end, I realized something blocks my air passage in the esophagus and my voice began to fade. It's the phlegm which started to build up plus the nasal drips, I got allergic rhinitis, not sure if I got the term right but that was it.

I decided to see the doctor for the cure. The doctor is not really that old, she got glasses but looks classy and chic. Put it simply, she's beautiful. I liked it when she attentively listened to me whining, feeling comfortable eh, but hey that wasn't an excuse, she got me with an Rx amounting to 1k inclusive of the vitamins.

Well I guess with all the hard work, the body wants to claim it's share, not a bad deal. So I guess next time I see the doctor and thought of not spending much, I'll have her guess what else is not functioning well with my system other than me telling her my story, juz kidding. So folks, take care of your body, drink plenty of water and exercise a bit. Any exercise will do, so long as you sweat :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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