Manny Pacquiao - Boxing Legend

Despite the storm, the corruption and all the problems facing Filipinos today one thing is for sure, they're united today to cheer the victory of their beloved Manny Pacquiao, who just won the seventh weight class title adding to the number of his collection of boxing title belts.  Just minutes after he defeated Cotto, fans chanted "We want Floyd, we want floyd" so I guess that's what we would be seeing next.  We can't be so sure if that would turn out to be the next on Pacman's list but he surely wanted to enjoy for now.

“I just want to take a vacation first,” Pacman said. “My job is to fight in the ring and it’s up to my promoter to negotiate for my next fight.”

Recently, Floyd Mayweather Jr's win over Juan Manuel Marquez in September was overwhelming.  It broke the record for a rare one-million pay-per-view.  If this recent bout between Manny and Cotto exceeds that (let's reserve our expectations for now 'til the results are out) of Floyd and Marquez, there is a big chance both will see each other on the ring the soonest.  After all, Floyd is running out of challengers. With Pacman's 50-3-2 record against Floyd's 40-0, this would be the dream match of the year. With the year almost over, this fight would be enough entertainment for this year.  If Floyd or Bob Arum want this fight, they could surely come to an agreement and let's hope for a dream fight in 2010.


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