New Entrecard Marketplace

Entrecarders have long been wanting to be able to sell their credits online since Entrecard stopped their cashouts.

Since then, many entrecarders left the site feeling betrayed, since there was a program before wherein they could exchange their EC's for $1 per 1K (per thousand).

It is no doubt people (myself included) also grab this opportunity to make money online.  After Entrecard was sold and the new management stopped the program, it has significantly affected the entrecard community.  Though others left for some other varying reasons, one of which is the stopping of the cashout program.

Good News!

Today, I've read an email from the management regarding their new site for Entrecard Marketplace.   You now have an avenue for selling entrecard credits, and you can now do it legally.  I know some others are selling it though it's not allowed but who can stop them, entrecard wouldn't know their transactions anyway.  For entrecard opening this opportunity to it's members, they do not only entice new members, they also end the practice of selling entrecredits without their permission and possibly regain the old members who where previously active entrecarders plus making entrecard establish very strong presence online.

Below is the update sent by entrecard (copied as-is):

Posted: 27 Feb 2010 08:31 PM PST
Hi everyone,

We have several changes to go over with you today.
1) New Marketplace
We will be retiring the current marketplace and will be replacing it with The new market place works similar to craigslist
and it’s a standalone site, meaning it’s not deeply integrated with Entrecard.
The new marketplace should make it easier for users to manage their ads.
Buyers and sellers will communicate with each other via email. If a transaction is made,
the buyer would need to manually pay the seller from their entrecard account.
We need your help to promote the new Marketplace. We’re running a content and giving up to
100,000 credits free! We’re going to make this extremely easy. It’s only
valid to the first 50 people. All you have to do is this.
1) Post an ad in the New Market
2) Make a blog post about your ad in the Market and link to it.
3) That’s it!
Now, just email the URL to your blog and send
us your EC user profile so we can credit your account 2,000 credits just for doing it!
This is valid only to the first 50 people. Do it now! Click here.
If you like us to add more categories to the the Market, let us know and we will
add them.
2) Selling your Credits
One of the feature requested my many users was the ability for them to sell credits.
through the new marketplace site (
Just list how many credits you’re selling and for how much money. If another entrecard
member is interested in buying it, both the buyer and seller needs to work with each
other in the transaction. Entrecard does not play a role in it. Users can transfer
the credits through the normal channel which is by click on the “transfer credits to this
site” on the buyer’s entrecard profile page. We recommend you use paypal for all
transaction since you can dispute any fraudulent activities.
3) 100,000 credits cap on all accounts.
We like to announce a new policy that is not likely to effect many of you, but it’s important that we
make this announcement now. Starting March 31, users can only have a maximum of 100K credits
in their account combined (linked blogs included). The limit is to ensure users are spending their
credits when they earn them. It will also ensure that no users will sit on hundreds of thousands
of credits.

Our report shows that there are a handful of users that have over 100K credits in their account.
If you are one of the few that have over 100K credits, please spend them on ads, purchase
something in our new Marketplace, or sell them to other users. After March 31, it will be
officially capped.

Let us know if you have any questions. Comments are open.


March 7, 2010 at 5:06 PM self defense Rob said...

Yeah, this new EC Marketplace is great. So far, I attempted to place an ad, and I never got the confirmation e-mail to activate it.

And, I have contacted 2 other people that managed to get their ad in to purchase their service, and have not received any response.

This all occurred on the first day it went live, so It has been several days. I am impressed.

March 7, 2010 at 5:37 PM Anonymous said...

How come you didn't get confirmation email?

I had tried twice and I got both confirmation emails. I even had the 2k credit since I've posted on the marketplace.

Just try again this time, hope it works.

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