Vacation Finally - Free Time?

Thanks GOD classes are over.  But wait... i still can't get enough of sleep.  I have a lot assignments and tasks to do... just what the heck???

Guess what!  I am even a certified addict now. Did I just say I am an addict?  Guess I really am, who made me an addict??? Addicted to what?

Darn.  I am not a fan of facebook but the games are tempting me, plus my gf keeps adding other games and this is the first time ever we had an argument which I hated much (who loves to argue anyway..whatever).  She asked me to visit her farmville which I forgot since I was glued to mafia wars i think, so her plants decayed and that started the war.  Can't really make sense out of it, my mistake I admit and I was sorry, heck did not talk to me for a day and didn't even ate for a day, wutda!  Can't really figure out girls thoughts.

Lesson guys:  If told to water the plant, make sure it's done else... block facebook! ^_^


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