How to Develop a Website?

Lately, I've been interested in creating or developing websites. I wanted to start on my own and manage it well. I am not a programmer but I have some knowledge on computers, it's basic operations and I had also managed to create working programs before, so I thought I would be able to do it.

Somehow along the way, I realized, I don't have the tools needed to execute my plan. I would definitely need to have some sources, Guides and Tutorials, maybe a Free Web How-to's, how to use SEO or any guide to do this. And so I searched the web. I was lucky enough to find out that there are few available sites online that teaches you how to do things, from the very basic. I was lucky enough to find one website that teaches you the basics. It was introduced to my by my co-worker. A lot of interesting and useful information are available on the site, whether you are a newbie who's looking for articles about blogging101 for dummies or a webmaster looking for a smart solution of everyday web development tasks that saves a webmaster from the necessity to “reinvent the wheel”. The complete URL of the site is

With these new discovery, I am positive about the realization of my goal for the year, to be able to jumpstart my blog and bring it to the next level, and hopefully become a webmaster as well.


April 13, 2009 at 9:20 PM EddieGarcia said...

Hey Rob,
I think it is neat that you are venturing out like this to the unknown to accomplish a new task in your networking endeavors. I want to know how you do with this challenge. I've often thought about doing something like this myself and I am going to take a look at that website and maybe give it a try too. Thanks my friend and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that very thoughtful comment.

Friends 4 Life!
Eddie Garcia

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