Entrecard is now offering cashouts!

Attention Entrecarders!
As promised by Graham, the cashout is now launched. I am not sure how it looks like and how to do it because I haven't tried online cashouts like this before and I just signed up for it today but am sure it would be pretty easy, (Entrecard earned the reputation from me of doing all they can to make it easy for their members). Though I was expecting at least $3 per thousand, a dollar per 1k is a great start and I am sure Entrecard has got lots of plans for it's business and for all of us as well.
As of this time, I have saved almost 6k now after advertising and I don't plan on cashing them out just yet. I think they are also worth more for advertising but I am definitely grateful that they have finally launched the program so I would have a choice to either use my credits for ads or to convert it to cash. They also have priority issues as to who should get the first priority for cashout so I am not even sure if I would be included though am a frequent dropper, I don’t have the time to drop 300 or so, can only manage at most 100 but my usual dropping maximum is around 30 – 50. With regard to the advertisements, they get it all, it’s auto approved so I don’t have a problem with that, (it’s also a hassle to approve each ads since they come in volume). There are also suggestions to prioritize those who hold huge contests and credit giveaways but I don’t think it should be so. It is their decision to hold contests and they’re getting the attention of the bloggers or readers so I think that’s what it’s worth for. Anyways, for more info about their criteria, you can click here.


April 18, 2009 at 7:30 PM EddieGarcia said...

I believe I will just keep accruing my credits and use them for advertising as well. I don't have the time to make 300 drops a day either. I do good just to drop back on those that have dropped on me. I try to make a comment on each site and hope that others will do the same of mine. Thanks for the update on the Cashout.

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