Tough Decision

I am working in a company where I thought I could secure my future, financially in a way. I've been investing my time and effort for what I believe is worth my while. They offer good compensation, medicare, good working environment, i guess anything you would expect from a modest job. I thought I would last until some of my white hairs show up but lately, it seems I am headed towards the flow of recession. I felt like losing the years I have invested in the company. I decided to resign. Reason: tech issues.

Nowadays we are too dependent on our computer hardwares and the system. Our efficiency is based on how we are able to perform well with time constraints. If we encounter problems on our computer hardware, so is our efficiency. We tend to suffer and lend more of our time dealing with the issues until it is resolved and we are back on track again. This made me miss my target and puts me on the threadline. It is so frustrating to think that this would cost me my job which I tried my best to struggle reporting to for three and a half years and helping myself all the time to wake up during odd hours and it would just end up to this. I don't even have a choice, nor was I given options. I don't believe that my loyalty would put me in vain. If not because of their newly implemented system, I would not end up like this. I would've passed my goals and my expectations and yet I don't hear any consideration. It's a direct "splat" on my face to have lasted this long in this company if they don't realize the fact that setting up their goals can be as easy as 1-2-3 but the ways of achieving it is just not perfect. It's not like math that you would come up with an absolute answer, it is dependent on how it is achieved. Ahhh......really hate it.

Anyways, after few days I was told there's going to be a deliberation from HR. My decision is not final though. It's not that I am tired of my job or I don't like it anymore, 'twas a careless decision out of my frustration. Frustration from the fact that I don't have any choice, not even given any options. I felt like betrayed that out of my being loyal to the company for more than three years now, I would end up in vain just because of what...less than a minute of achieving my goals? I've invested my effort and time with the company and this is simply how it would end up to? This made me think it could've bode well for me had I used to brushing elbows with those in the upper ladder, but it's just not my kind of politics. Politics at work may have some positives but it's just not the person I am. We'll, I am still hoping for some luck here and hope to see some light. Wish me luck too :)


April 16, 2009 at 8:35 PM EddieGarcia said...

Hey Rob,

I hate to hear such things like this about anyone. Just think of those you have vested 15 to 20 yrs in a job just to have it taken from them due to downsizing or the recession. Nonsense! I have been through this all my life and that is why I finally turned to the internet. I finally found a 5 pillar company that offers a second to none compensation plan, killer products and a system that anyone can duplicate. They have business management and integrity. Something you don't find in the corporate world anymore. I hope you find a solution to your dilemma and if I can help in anyway, please let me know.

Friends 4 Life!

April 26, 2009 at 6:56 AM Jena Isle said...

Hi Rob,

I hope you'll be able to settle down sooner and good luck. All the best.

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