Computer Trouble

My computer failed on me. I haven’t been able to do something about it. I wasn’t able to log in. It’s no longer accepting my password or any passwords I can think of. I was still using it and I turned it off. When I turned it on again because I need to do some paper work, it’s prompting me to enter a password, which is unusual because I don’t set it up to ask for passwords. I entered all the possible passwords I can think of but it’s not accepting it.

I am now back on my feet after reformatting the system and reinstalled a new OS. I can’t figure out to troubleshoot the problem so I ended up formatting the hard disk, losing all my files. I don’t have any partition at all. It’s not so easy a decision though, but I have to make it work. I am still frustrated about it but I can’t think of any other thing to do. I guess it serves as a lesson for me to always partition the drive and make a separate drive for personal files, especially those important ones. So if you haven’t made one, I suggest you do, not unless if you always burn a copy of all important files on a disc. It would be handy also to save it on a disc and label the disc as to it’s contents for future use and make sure to check on them every once in a while to make sure that they are still readable and stored in a cool dry place, away from sunlight. Nothing makes us feel comfortable on these situations other than being ready for the unexpected.


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