February EC Droppers of the Month

It's now time to give thanks to my T-10 EC Droppers of the Month. They are the one's keeping me and my site busy with my newly established blog. As token of appreciation [eh :)], I will make a link to their site and i'll try to get their sites description from EC, and they are :

1. MaleWail

  • Description: MaleWail dot com is about men posting their comments, ideas and advice. We will review music, movies and books. Gripe about just about anything. Try and give the male perspective.

  • 2. Metallman's Reverie
  • Description: What are you views on life? What are you thoughts on random nothingness. Add some humor, games, reviews, movies, and everything else, and you have my blog.

  • 3. Makes You Laugh
  • Description: If you find yourself smiling, giggling, or with exuberant laughter, then this blog accomplished what it was intended for. Here you will find many pleasures, such as jokes, pictures, videos etc. Hope you will enjoy your visit here.

  • 4. Tech-Blog
  • Description: All about technical issues.

  • 5. PrettyFirefly
  • Description: Personal Blog.

  • 6. Wiredpnoy
  • Description: A place to talk! Your word matters. TOPIC includes the blogging, environment, gadgets, games, moneymaking online, manga, politics, sports, or just anything... share your thoughts and speak up your mind!.

  • 7. SEO and Internet marketing blog.
  • Description: Search engine optimization and Internet marketing blog containing both white and black hat ideas, strategies and experiments..

  • 8. My Pink Shoelace
  • Description: Random rantings of an only child, a music geek and everything emo.

  • 9. The Pinball Blog
  • Description: Description
    The most popular pinball dedicated blog on the planet. #1 on widget box for games. Also write for Blog Critics. Now accepting most adverts - apologies to anyone we declined in the early days!

  • 10. Nothing Off Limits
  • Description: No Limits here. I blog about it all. Life, Love, Movies, Health, Sex, Money, whatever. It's all game.

  • Try also reading their blogs and have a good read.... thanks again folks!


    March 13, 2009 at 10:40 AM BOGCESS said...

    Hi! You have nice content here. Care to exchange links? Kindly add my blog then let me know so I can add you aswell.


    April 10, 2009 at 7:11 PM myphemaster said...

    Good for them, a free link-loving from you. I'm just new to entrecard, hope to see mine on your list next month, hehe...

    April 11, 2009 at 8:28 PM ROB said...


    I would love to have your link listed as well as long as you belong to the top ten droppers.

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