Getting Started With oDesk

I remember signing up for oDesk last year but did not push through because my schedules then are too hectic. I also have plenty of school assignments. Since I am out of work for 2 weeks including my rest days, I thought I would check on it or at least become productive.

So I scanned my previous emails and found my profile. I found out that I registered since August 2008. I tried my usual online password and it worked. Good! So I thought I would look for job opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities and the competition is too stiff. For one single job order, there are around 150 - 300+ candidates. Wow! imagine that. I thought you really have to be in front of your computer checking for updates or newly posted jobs so you can find your name on the first page. Anywhere in the world you may be, you can sign up for these. Now I guess 300+ is only a dot. Once you have applied, make it a habit to check your application once in a while to see if there are invites for interview.

Anyway to get started, of course you have to sign up from the oDesk site. You also have to have a paypal account. Once your done, it is advised that you take the oDesk readiness test so you can increase the number of jobs you can apply. If you don't you initially have 2 instances, per week. If you passed the oDesk readiness test, you can maximize up to 10 job posts, per week. By the way, if you have 10 job application quota and say you applied for 5 today, you can still use the remaining 5 until the next Thursday and the previous 5 will be refreshed again after the first week from the date you applied. Once you have applied, you just have to check the job you applied under the My Jobs > Candidacies menu. I already passed the oDesk readiness test so I have 10 quotas. I applied 5 of them the other day and 1 yesterday so I still have 4 remaining.

So far, there are no invites so I guess I'll just have to check on it regularly. Have a great weekend everyone. Don't forget going to the church tomorrow and GOD BLESS!


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