My Bad!

I blogged last July 30 that I will still be posting late those Top Droppers for the month of June. I tried looking for the file in my partition drive but I cannot find them anymore! So I thought I would just do it manually since I promised I would post it. I tried going back farther but entrecard would only show me as far back on July 15. I wasn't able to update my blog for almost a month because I moved and had to set everything back. I also switched connection to broadband from prepaid and had to reinstall the OS so I am not sure if the file was part of those files that's been purged.

Do you guys know how to backtrack in entrecard top droppers? If you do, please let me know.

To my June droppers, my apologies.

I tried, my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enuf, just wanna make u smyl ^_^


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