Work At Home

While away from work for couple of weeks, I wondered it would also be productive to look for online jobs.

I was searching for work-at-home jobs online and there really are tons of it, or sites available. It's hard to figure out which one is real. Some are only sites made to generate clicks I guess, like the CPC thing of google. As I've posted last week, oDesk is good but I am finding it hard to get landed on one specially that I am new to it so I don't have any feedback to entice possible employers.

I am into article writing or any data entry related jobs so when I search for online jobs related to this field, I found out other sites have membership fee to join their sites but I don't feel comfortable paying upfront before I even had the chance to try it. Do you know any real work at home site(s) or a member of one maybe? Kindly leave me a message on the comment section if you do. Thank you so much and God Bless!


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