Downed by Flu

It's supposed to be my last day of my work week before my day-off. Yesterday, whilst on my usual work routine, I've been feeling dizzy and sensed some heat coming out of my nose on exhale. I know something is not right.

Truly, when I woke up after couple hours of sleep, I could feel the weight of my body. I felt heavy and pain lingers on my back. As I switched position and feeling the heat surrounding me like chakra* heat waves, it was then I was certain that I got flu.

Guess I got another day off but not really happy though, I feel sick. I can't make the most of my rest days. Good thing though I was able to call the office 2hrs. before my scheduled shift - trying to be safe. I hate it but I have to buy drugs medicines and more fruits.

So long guys, enjoy your weekend!

*When I say chakra, I am referring to energy like wave surrounding the body like those we see in Naruto or Dragonball animes, :)


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