Unloading History: Anglo-Saxon Era

The pictures below are some of the great finds in one of the English farms in Burntwood, England. These pictures depicts that of an elite Anglo-Saxon army I suppose, judging from the finished and beautifully crafted artworks on gold. It is estimated to be dating back between 565 and 725. This is simply amazing, a great find indeed! These would probably rewrite the history of medieval England. Click on the picture

scabbard boss & hilt fitting

The man holding the artifacts is Terry Herbert, the man who is responsible
of the hoard and a gold strip with Latin writings taken from the bible.

a gold plaque and a horse-shaped terminal

Various items from the hoard and a folded golden cross

and this is the map where they unearthed the hoard, the exact location is being kept secret for some obvious reasons. An elderly man in his 50's, an amateur treasure hunter and unemployed, he detected something on earth while searching for a fortune using his metal detector on his friends farm field. He's been searching on the field for a few days and later asked assistance from the authorities to evaluate what's in there. It turned out to be a stash of golden artifacts and other stuffs used in battle.

According to the news from Yahoo, the hoard was officially declared treasure by a coroner on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009 which means it will be valued by experts. Once valued, the proceeds will be divided equally by Terry and his friend, the owner of the farm. An expert estimated two of the items to around a sum of 7-digits each, whoa! He surely had fun out there with his metal detector, and eventually became a millionaire!

Find out more about the story from AP at Yahoo and about these artifacts here.

Photos taken from Yahoo and the Staffordshire Hoard site.


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