Thanks Google!

Smile ^_^ or wink ??? Am just happy :) Why?

First I got this message then after few minutes, yes, just few minutes, I am like a child rolling on my bed to kid my GF. She's been bullying me that I can't do it. Although I know she's supporting me, we sometimes bully each other. It's our way of showing fondness.

I've blogged about this last month and I've been contemplating on how to realize it. I've searched online and read numerous sites so I can decide what's best for me. I think am just a notch higher than a beginner here so i thought it's not practical for me to do it like many experienced bloggers do. I just want it simple and I just want my presence on the web. I was thinking that if purchase a domain with hosting, it would cost me much, per month. Though I've found some free hosting sites, there are also limits to your storage. With blogspot, I can have unlimited storage since it's with google.

Then I noticed a colleague the other day doing rounds on his site. With my usual thirst of curiousness, asked him what his host is. He said he's hosting it on google. He said he only paid for the domain. I thought it's a good idea, just exactly perfect with what I have in mind. In fact, that's one of the reason why I can't easily give up my blogspot. I've been accustomed to blogger and just not ready yet spending another amount for hosting. Fact is, I've already tried the idea with a free domain account from my other site but I was so excited and impatient. I got the same error but I did not want to wait, although I found an article that it's normal since it's still updating I guess, but I was too impatient and reverted back the url. I am afraid of losing my little traffic, eh. So when my colleague said he's done it with google, he actually nailed my assumption. I said I'd try it at home and so I did today, and became impatient again at first but eventually gave it a try. What convinced me was the information from google that "it would take 24-48hrs" for the site to be active. I thought that's a long wait, but wait... there's another line that says it could also take some few minutes or upto 30minutes only. This line really convinced me so I waited and became impatient again. I thought it says upto 30 minutes so why won't I try it (after just 3 mins. i guess). So I typed my blogspot url on the address bar and wooollaahh, I failed my GF, I got it redirected, hehehe. Now we're both happy :). Weird? Yea, I am.

So that's why am happy, got something done today. When my curiosity got fed up, that's a doze of happiness for me. I am not an all-time google user but I guess I have a good reason to love google now. I am still not 100% sure though about this, if what I am thinking is absolutely right, I still have to figure out. Please let me know if you have knowledge about this. Anyway, thanks Google!


November 11, 2009 at 9:41 PM iruha said...

Google not found, I have experience this kind of too..


November 12, 2009 at 2:38 AM ROB said...

That's temporary though, while still assigning i guess. Google info. says it'd be back in less than 30-minutes. True enough, when I did it the first time, it went online in less than 10-minutes!

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