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For months I've been wondering how other bloggers come up with a nice theme. I've searched online and there are those themes that are available for a fee. There are also themes from wordpress that I like but since I am hosting blogger, I don't think it's practical to sign-up for wordpress and transfer my posts there.

I've been patiently browsing for more possibilities and I feel like it's really possible since I had encountered lot's of blogspot hosted sites boasting excellent themes. I guess I've been loathing around while doing my search, impatient to wait for the web results. Found out it's not really that hard to find one. Simply search for blogger templates and you'd get millions. But what makes it hard for me to find one anyway, when there are millions returned from the search? If you've guessed I'm looking for free, you guessed it right. I just can't afford to dole out extra amount for the template, so I thought I'd rather learn the basics. I just wanted a simple one, clean and won't itch my eyes.

I continued feeding my curiousity until I found out that there's actually someone who's actually willing to convert wordpress templates to blogger. You can even request for it. You can even download the templates for free. The author only asked that you retain the credits since these are are licensed under a Creative Commons License, thus removing the credits would be using an illegal copy of the same. You can simplify the credits or relocate, but not remove them. I guess he's kind enough to share the template so he deserved the credit. That's also another way of thanking him for his efforts. There are also tips and tricks on tweaking your template. If you have extra funds, you may donate any amount to keep the site going.

If you want to give your site a make over, try visiting his site and don't forget to spread the love!


December 1, 2010 at 3:31 PM Anatoly @ e-commerce templates said...

Wow. Wordpress to Blogger? Nice idea then! Thanks for this!

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