Make Your Christmas Message Felt

I can still recall that day when we (me and my one and only) went to the church on the first day of Advent.  The priest sermon was about how we could possibly celebrate this Christmas, in a way different from the previous years but still the spirit remains the same.  He specifically mentioned about giving love on Christmas day.  He reiterated many times about the love for our family or those people close to our heart, the love for other people whom we do not know, and the love for our enemy.

We possibly heard this message a zillion times.  We could possibly say we've done our part and we may be true to ourselves saying those words, but have we felt any difference? or is it just something usual because let's say you're really that kind of person and this would come easy for you but have made sure our message went through?

Doing things like we normally do doesn't seem to exert extra effort on us and this could mean something else to another person. It could impart another message that you're just too good doing it that it doesn't really matter if you mean it or not. It could simply be interpreted differently.

When I say something to someone dear to me or to a family member, they oftentimes treat it as simple conversation even if you're serious about it.  It takes a little effort to show that you're serious, that you mean it.  On the other hand, showing any gesture of kindness to other people not related to you mostly don't take much effort and they easily appreciate it.  Try giving a gift to your sister and to someone unknown to you. Or maybe call  the person who  mistreated you before and say that you have a gift for him/her.  What do you think their response be? Maybe you can imagine how your sister would respond to you. How about the one whom you do not know?  And the one who wronged you? What difference does it make though when you're giving them all a gift?

Obviously there is a significant difference.  A message when heard according to how you mean it resonates accordingly whereas if you simply act according to what you think should be done could also mean otherwise.  So this Christmas, try to make a difference.  I know you have something to say so surely make your Christmas message felt.

Merry Christmas everyone!

*Belen painting taken form Fr. Chito's website at


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