Mayon Volcano Spews Lava

Mayon Volcano, the "Perfect Cone" and the most beautiful of Philippine volcanoes glowed mightily in the dark, spewing lava from it's center down to its slope. A magnificent but dangerously beautiful sight at dawn on Tuesday awaken the town of Albay, prompting the immediate evacuation of these affected areas within the 6 to 8 kilometer danger zones.

As of today, almost 60,000 people (est. 10,000 families) were displaced seeking refuge to nearby towns. The towns of Bonga, Mabingit and Buyuan are in immediate danger according to Phivolcs director Renato Solidum. The lava flow is directed to these towns.

Alex Baloloy, a science research analyst said that a major eruption of Mayon might occur within the period of two weeks if ever the abnormalities would continue and further intensify.

Read more about these report here.

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