The Making Of A Magical Christmas

Every time we see lanterns, blinking lights, bells and other Christmas decorations hanging around town, villages and in our homes, we feel that Christmas is in the air. When December comes, almost every week you’ll probably attend a Christmas gathering. Whether it be a gathering of friends, colleagues, team building or company sponsored we all relive the spirit of Christmas.

So how do you relieve Christmas spirit?

Usually we find answers like giving love on Christmas day, hmmn… sounds familiar? Yeah, just as the song goes. Christmas is always a time for sharing: sharing blessings, gifts, love, joy and forgiveness. We all have our own unique way of expressing ourselves.

While reading news clips online, I came across a very interesting story about a couple who started a "Magic".  This is not something about potions, this is something real - well in another sense :)

Here's how it goes: the couple went to Aramingo Diner in Philadelphia for breakfast.  After their meal, the  couple decided to pay double: for their meal and for one of the resto's diners.  They asked the waitresses not to say anything until they left.  They only greeted their customers "Merry Christmas" and said "that person picked up your tab."  And then the next paid for another creating a chain reaction.  This went on and on for hours.

What can you say?  This is just wonderful!  I would love to do the same thing.  It feels good to be able to do something for someone you don't even know and knowing that it created a chain reaction is just amazing!

Read the full story here by Danielle Johnson .  Photo taken from the video clip on the same site.


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