New Motorola All Touch...Soon!

It's been a while since Motorola has been shying away in creating high end phones. The good new is, they're on their way back!

That's right! A high end one with presumed all-touch functionality. It is said to sport a camera from Kodak with 5MP, Xenon flash, large touchscreen and a tv-out support.

Not too late I guess but it's really late. I've been a fan of Motorola phones because I prefer their clam phone but this one is more like an iPhone. Photo credit:

There's no official release of the specs as of yet but let's hope for the best. I've been really waiting for a new release from Motorola but mind you, it's too tiring to hope from this manufacturer. The last Motorola I got was the V3xx with a 2MP snapper. Someone took it so I was planning to buy one at that time but there were already new releases from Samsung, Nokia and Sony-Ericsson sporting 5-8MP phones so why would I invest my money for the least one? It's almost a year now that other phone manufacturers have released the 5MP phones and yet now they can only afford to offer the same, had it been an 8MP snapper it must have taken a need leap further.


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