Naruto Manga 436 - Pain's Way of Peace

Naruto has been subdued by Pain in the last Chapter and is now under his control. While Pain is explaining his way of "Peace" to Naruto, Inoichi is chasing with time to look for the came up of an idea how to locate the "real Pain". Inoichi's telepathic ability made him came up with clue that the real Pain must be hiding somewhere near, near the one receiving the signal. He was able to read the mind of one of the Amegakure Ninja's that was captured by Jiraiya. This ninja tells Jiraiya that it was his job to transport corpses to the tower, the tallest tower in Amegakure. They believed that the real pain is in there. So i guess this is the explanation why Pain have many faces bearing the same chakra as the real pain through the chakra transmitters.

So while Naruto is keeping Pain busy with his rants, Inoichi, Shikamaru, the Anbu and the others are will be their way to search for the location of the "real Pain".

On the next episode, Naruto Manga 437, I am expecting a brave action from the clan of Shikamaru and let's see what's left of Naruto's skills, if he got more from the training, to contend with Pain's.


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