A solar powered phone?

Yes, be ready to be amazed of the new Samsung Solar Powered phone and it's eco-friendly! It is called Samsung Blue Earth.

The phone is made from recycled materials powered with solar panels to operate the phone and the box is also made up of recycled materials. A regular DC charger comes in handy so you'll get powered up during rainy days. Sorry that I don't the specs as of the moment and by the way, this is a touchscreen phone.

This phone will be featured in the upcoming MWC 2009 at Barcelona on February 16. Samsung is on the roll on the upcoming MWC showcasing other new phones like the Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH and Samsung Omnia HD i8910 which is said to have a large touchscreen, sporting 8MP and HD Video with GPS and WiFi connectivity and also supports DivX and DNLA. There is also Samsung M7600 Beat DJ sporting a 3MP with a LED flash with GPS and HSDPA capabilities and DivX support as well. See for yourself!

*Photos courtesy of gsmarena.com. You can also preview some of the upcoming phones on the site.


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