Naruto Manga 437 - Confession

Hinata finally confessed to Naruto his feelings. She came into the scene so desperately that she wanted to be able to do something to help Naruto. Naruto is still under Pain's control so he's not able to stop hinata in confronting Pain. She was easily subdued by Pain and I think she's now dead. Naruto got enraged witnessing what happened to Hinata and the elder frog, burst in flames of anger thereby awakening the Kyuubi in him. He's showing six tails now!

On the other hand, Kai's team is on it's way back home and found Jiraiya's frog down and helpless.

Will they be able to respond in time to save Naruto? How can they save Naruto without the seal? Or Can Naruto still save himself and revert back? What will happen to Hinata, is she dead? Let's again find out on the next Chapter.

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March 5, 2009 at 10:37 PM palaboy™ said...

Naruto manga 438 is already out... go check it out now... download it now...

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