The World's First Ever Transparent Phone by LG

It's another year for Mobile Word Congress. A lot of promising phones are on display. I was expecting some new phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson but can't get any news about new models so far. I'll put my bet on LG and Samsung instead to deliver great phones unless Nokia and Sony-Ericsson wants to surprise their fans. I've read from some online sources that they are releasing few models. I've tried searching for phone pictures online and I was lucky to get it. The first one on the upper-left is the first ever transparent phone, you see the glass object hovered by the phone keypad? This phone is interesting. This made me think of a new era of technology. It won't be possible in the near future I guess to have a phone embedded on the wall, well it would be wiser to have the display rather than just the keypads. I don't have the full specs yet but am sure in the next few days we would be able to get them from online sources but it's said to have an 8MP snapper dubbed as the LG GC900. The one on the upper-right is the LGKM900 Arena. This one looks like the OMNIA. Personally, I don't like its appearance, it's like a dummy phone for me but of course phone specs should be the basis in purchasing a phone. This one got features available online, you can also view them at

*Photos courtesy of If you would like to get phone specs, this is one of the best sites to go to.


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